How to insert a new page

- Either go to Pages and Files in the left navigation bar, choose New, and then tell it what you want the new page to be called
- OR create a link in a current page, type the name of the new page under Page Name. When you navigate to that link, it will give you the option to edit the new page

How to change the formatting

- you can use the pull down tab on the top menu to choose Normal text or headings
- to change the formatting of your text, use the T with the paint palette (next to the underline button)

How to insert a link

- On your page, select the text that you want to serve as your link and choose Link
- under page name type the name of the page or file that you would like to link to within the wiki, or use the webpage tab to link to a site outside the wiki

How to insert references

- just like any other piece of writing, it is important that your web page uses citations and references to accurately acknowledge where the material comes from
- wikispaces will include a reference list at the bottom of the page with footnote markers
- insert your cursor where you would like to put a reference, choose Widget, Wikispaces, Reference, Embed Reference marker
- then type your reference into the box at the bottom of the page

How to insert pictures

- on your page, choose File, Upload files
- select the jpg that you want to insert and wait for it to upload
- click on the uploaded file, wait for it to appear on your page and then adjust the size and positioning

How to insert a table

- The table tab within wikispaces creates really small and ugly tables (in my opinion)
- I have been using word or powerpoint to create tables, saving them as a picture and then inserting them as a jpg, like here
- Alternatively, embedding a google spreadsheet might also serve your purpose

How to embed a google spreadsheet

- in the google spreadsheet go to File: Publish to the web
- choose "HTML to embed in a page" under Get a link to published data
- Copy the code in the box below

- On your page, choose Widget, Spreadsheet, Google Spreadsheet
- Paste the code that you got from Google Spreadsheets and press Save. Your spreadsheet will appear on your page, like here.

How to embed a video

- in youtube, click Share, Embed, copy the text
- on your page, choose Widget, Video, You tube
- paste the text from You tube into the box, Click Save

How to insert a Table of Contents

- it is useful to have your main pages contain a contents summary
- Choose Widget, Wikispaces, Table of Contents, Embed Table of Contents
- the widget will automatically include text that you have labelled as a Heading

How to rename a page

- the main heading of the page will be whatever you called it when you created it
- if you decide that you want to change the name of hte page, go to Pages and Files in the left navigation bar
- use the search to find the page you want to change, and then use the rename button
- wikispaces will automatically redirect links that were destined to go to the original page

How to revert to an older version of the page

If you ever do something that you didn't mean to do, or someone else made a change to your page that you don't like, just go to the "clock" next to the edit button on the right and turn back time. You can compare revisions, work out where things went wrong and revert to an old version of the page.