Practice using the wiki by creating a profile page for yourself.

Make a link on this page below with your name.

Create a page about yourself including the following...

  • favourite colour (change the font and colour of text)
  • favourite food (include a picture)
  • favourite movie (insert a link to the trailer)
  • description of your thesis research project, linking a link to a relevant pdf
  • link to the Home page
  • Table of contents

arrgghhh the instructions disappeared... no problem. :) If you ever do something that you didn't mean to do, or someone else made a change to your page that you don't like, just go to the "clock" next to the edit button on the right and turn back time. You can compare revisions, work out where things went wrong and revert to an old version of the page.

While I am here, I am going to add links to everyone's profile pages. (JR)

Jenny Richmond

Yae Young (YY) Jun

Carmen Huynh

Samantha Spanos

Amanda Krulis

Amy Burton

Loletta Cheng

Noor Shehabi

Caitlin Cowan

Anjanie Bhagat

Stephanie Lyras

Tim carey