In your search for videos on you tube, I'm sure you will come across funny kid stuff that is not directly relevant. Post it here... just for fun. On you tube, click Share, Embed, copy the code and paste into the insert video widget.

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Jenny's favourite video: "Mum!"

On Jimmy Kimmel there was a challenge to give your kids a terrible present for Christmas and see what happened. Kid's are so hilarious!
Full disclosure though, the last kid is a bit rude..

Buttermilk the "toddler"

Classic! Love the last few kids! Children's reactions to "I ate all your Halloween candy"

Cute 5-year-old who had to take the phone when her dad was having breathing problems


Top 10 funny baby videos!

Dancing babies

Baby Elephant taking a bath

Little lady with attitude

baby scared of race car and plane noise very funny

There is a whole series of these, I think this is my favourite one. Cute Kids review songs.

Babies take 'good or evil' puppet morality test
Fat baby
Fat baby.JPG