What is early experience?

Brainstorm examples of early experience that might impact development.....

typical.... atypical.... prenatal.... postnatal

- breastfeeding (animal models/cognitive?), social aspects of breast feeding vs. feeding expressed milk- attachment
- attachment
- social interaction
- phenylalanine
- alcohol
- drugs of abuse vs prescription
- sensory input (vision, audition, language input- cochlear implants)
- nutrition- iron omega 3
- media
-abuse, neglect, maltreatment
-parent mental health
-social interaction
-injury, illness
-brain injury
-birth order
-family stricture

Experience and development
William Greenough (University of Illinois)

Experience-expectant development is.....
- akin to critical or sensitive during early development
- synaptic pruning as a result of experience

A good example of experience-expectant development is....
- whisker barrels in rats
- ocular dominance column development
- language development
- face processing

Experience-dependent development.....
- individual experience throughout life (not just early, and not limited to particular periods of time)

A good example of experience-dependent development is ....
- complex environment
- physical activity
- parenting

Domains of development

Perceptual development: Jenny

Motor development: Tim, Loletta, Caitlin, Amanda

Motordevelopment is the increasing coordination of muscles that makes physical movements possible.
- estimating distance of objects before grasping
e.g. "stickie mittens" enrichment
- body structure changes
e.g. from crawling, to standing without support, to walking
- culture differences
e.g. Motor development in 9-month-old infants in relation to cultural differences and iron status (2010)
- parental influences
- childcare and motor development
e.g. How Does Early Child Care aect Child Development? Learning from the Children of German Uni cation (2010)

Cognitive development: YY, Steph, Sam

- heuristics culture, enrichment, breastfeeding, physical activity, toys, media
- attention, executive function (inhibition WM), ToM, categorisation

Memory development: amy, noor, carmen, anjanie

- infantile amnesia (how do early experiences impact if we can't remember)
- culture language

Language development: amanda, yy, tim

- how you should talk
baby talk!
- sounds in the womb
deaf babies (cochlear)

Social development: carmen, amy, noor, caitlin

- attachment style, family structure, blended, parenting, divorce, working parent(s)
- peer relations, bullying
- minority experience, multicultural society, growing up in conflict - effects on in-group out-group
- animals vs. humans - on categorisation
- parental reward/punishment style on self esteem
- siblings, birth order, parental attention - effects on gender roles, identity, sense of self

Emotional development: loletta, steph, sam, anjanie

- PND infants ability to learn and discriminate facial expressions
- neglect and how it impacts of how children learn empathy.

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