Just for Fun - The Geek Edition

These videos won't have you laughing out loud at adorable cuteness, but the grey mass of yours will get a kick out of these more interesting, educational (but totally still fun, the Honours Geek in you says) videos....feel free to oust your own inner Geek and add your YouTube favourites!

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Ted Talk - What Babies Learn Before They're Born

This video is presented by a woman called Annie Murphy Paul, who wrote a book called "Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives". Incredibly interesting and full of some great research and case studies. You know you want to.

Here's a youtube clip called "My Deaf Family" about a 17 year old who's parents & two younger siblings are deaf. I liked it & found it really interesting. Unfortunately it never got past the pilot episode! Much more interesting than "Meet the Osbournes"!

Here's the clip from Patricia Kukl about language development. I just watched it again, and it's still really interesting!!

Baby Facial Expressions

Not a video, but a link to an interesting article about how the review process for one researcher got out of hand:
Researcher conducts fake reviews of his own studies

Was looking for a synonym for "interact" when this popped up! I know we're finished with websites, but felt like I should share this!
Can babies have an accent before they speak?

On the Theme of Plagiarism

Well known journalist/blogger Jonah Lehrer busted for plagiarism, fabrication, and science fraud. It is not acceptable to copy others work, even on the internet.

Read about it here...

and here...

and most amusingly here...

This doesn't really have to do with developmental geekiness, but there's a kid and his toy train and SPACE. And the geek in me wants to try this myself

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